Creating statements…

I look for shapes, color and texture to create striking contrasts.  With the juxtaposition of organic elements (Tagua nuts, bark, dyed coral sticks, recycled glass, shells) and strong geometrical shapes (metal, resin, glass) I create a statement. Some say

“It’s a party about to happen"!


I grew up in Nebraska. As a child I was always interested in art, loving to draw and work in charcoal. During college I lived a year in Vienna, Austria and immediately after receiving my degrees in art and English, I moved back to Europe.  Over the next 23 years I lived in Augsburg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Cologne, Hasselt (Belgium) and the last 10 years in Munich. I was always involved in the arts as a collector, a viewer or by helping with the art programs in the schools of my children. I did not find the opportunity to make art my occupation, but I did have the opportunity to travel extensively and was always fascinated by other cultures and all their various creations. Those experiences, as well as more current travels, inspire my designs.

Wanting to move back to the United States, but continue to be surrounded by art and culture, I moved to Santa Fe in 1995. Within six months I opened the Joyce Robins Gallery. Suddenly (it seemed) the opportunity was perfect to make a living with art. The following thirteen years of gallery experience were always connected to palette, composition, design and texture and obviously the spirit of creating. I loved every minute of the direct exposure to artists, their art and those that collected the work! However, in 2009 I closed my gallery. I began then to look for other avenues of creativity and decided to revisit my love of wearable art.

“I am enjoying the creative adventure!”



VENTANA FINE ART, 400 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM 87501 - (505) 983-8815

THE SANTA FE OPERA SHOP, Santa Fe, NM - (505) 986-5925

ARRAY, 322 S Guadalupe Street, Santa Fe, NM - (505) 699-2760


UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA MUSEUM OF ART – Fundraising Event: “Head to Toe”, November 5, 2016

CERRILLOS STATION, 15B First Street, Cerrillos, NM 87010 - Summer and Holiday Exhibitions

Studio Tours:

Participate in the annual Santa Fe Studio Tour, Santa Fe, NM.